Snoh Ice Shavery Celebrates 2 Year Anniversary Sunday, May 3


TTDPHX had the opportunity to interview Tony Chanthabong, owner of Snoh Ice Shavery, and get some juicy details about Snoh’s 2 year anniversary and the Shavery itself.

TTDPHX: Word around the revolving sushi bar is that Snoh has an anniversary soon.

Tony: The sushi bar speaks the truth. We will be celebrating our 2 year anniversary Sunday May 3rd. Customer’s will be able to indulge in frozen deliciousness for 50% off.

Love your taste in art and design. Any artists or design changes planned for Snoh?

We’re always looking for ways to keep things looking fresh at the store. We’ll be displaying some new pieces this weekend.

Last time we went people were doing kendama, playing games and with puzzles. It was really lively. Can you talk about the atmosphere at Snoh? Are there any special nights?

One of our main goals is to establish a location where people can hang out have a good time while enjoying our products. Wednesdays is usually Kendama nights, This Saturday we’re actually sponsoring a fundraiser for a local MMA team.

Can we get some insight on any new flavors or desserts?

We actually got a few new flavors we’ll be introducing at our 2 year anniversary celebration. You’ll have to come and see for yourself.


Any flavor recommendations for a first-timer?

We always like to make recommendations based on how the customers feel when they come in. If you’re feeling adventurous you may want to try something exotic like Taro, Green Tea, or Black Sesame flavors paired with equally exotic toppings like mochi balls, sweetened red beans or almond pudding. However if the customer says they feel like playing it safe, we recommend classic flavors such as Strawberry, Mango or Honeydew.

Pokemon or Youkai Watch?

Pokemon all day! Still rooting for Team Rocket.

Marvel or DC?

We love them both, but lately we’ve been loving the darker, gritty interpretations from DC.

Burritos or hamburgers?

That’s a tough one, we love our Filbertos, but nothing has a place in our hearts like a double double animal style from In & Out.

Mochi and condensed milk 4 life.

Por Vida.


Assassinorum: Execution Force Releases Saturday at Games Workshop Scottsdale

Saturday, May 2, Games Workshop releases the new board game, Assassinorum: Execution Force. ‘A fast-paced co-operative game for one to four players, it blends stealth, tactics, subtle forward-thinking and outright blazing violence into a fantastic, tense, action-packed experience that is accessible to board game players of any level.

Be the first to pick up Assassinorum at Games Workshop: Scottsdale Towne Center this Saturday at 10 am. It’s almost worth the $125 for the amazing sculpts alone.


A Bit on the Militant Hebrew Israelites from Yesterday’s Hazy Sunday


Whilst riding by 19th and Montebello, a purple-clad group of young men had set up a sandwich board sign and amplifier on the sidewalk, and were broadcasting some sort of religious message. I quickly gathered from the tone and key words that it was a fairly militant group.

Never an instigator, I stopped for a selfie before riding on. The apparent leader, denoted by the microphone, asked what I was doing. I stated taking a selfie. He began to object then demurred as I matter-of-factly stared back.

As I took a few selfies, the broadcast discussion turned to me. Not sure what was said and don’t care. I finished the photos, thanked them, and wished them a genuine “Have a nice day.”

As I rode off I heard the leader state, metaphorically of course, my ancestors enslaved their ancestors and we (people on bikes?) should be enslaved, “starting with this brother right here.”

From my rudimentary research, I believe they’re Hebrew Israelites, with many qualifiers of racist and militant. They just seemed really unhappy to me.

I truly do wish them a nice day and days to come. Maybe they should go on a bike ride. Always makes me feel better.

UPDATE: Found a video.