We Went to the Raelian Topless Protest


Sweet van

We went to the GoTopless Day protest at Steele Indian School Park yesterday, not for boobs, but for weirdness. Thankfully, boobs equal news and the crack local police blotter teams turned out and brought the weirdness. It was fascinating to watch the resources and effort spent on a small protest just to say topless and show blurry skin on a newscast.


Breaking News: Short Pants Spotted in Central Phoenix

The movement itself is the weirdest part. GoTopless Day is a Raelian organized event as evidenced by the reading recommendation on the GoTopless website. Kinda dilutes the message.


Elohim like boobs

Doctor Who Season Premier in Theaters Monday, Free Territory Download Code

The Series 8 premier of Doctor Who will show in select theaters Monday, August 25th. Rumor is the premier of the 13th Doctor, Peter Capaldi, will be some dark shit. With a T.rex.

I bought two copies of Territory’s Sic Semper Tyranis and a download code came with the LP version. First reader gets it. Go here and use the code, UPYRLUU. Be ready, this album is really hard.

BROODS Release Tomorrow, Corrosion of Conformity Sunday

New Zealand siblings BROODS release their debut album, Evergreen, tomorrow. The synthpop moodiness of Evergreen brings CHVRCHES to mind with a bit more soothe. Get it at Zia Records Tuesday the 26th.

Metal hardcore pioneers Corrosion of Conformity play Club Red Sunday with Blast!, Brant Bjork, Lord Dying, and GODHUNTER. Expect hard. 6 pm, tickets are $22 – $25.

Phoenix Oddities: The Giant House Attacking Bugs of 35th Ave.


Drive south from the Deer Valley Rock Art Center on 35th, near Michigan Ave., and you will double-take as you drive by because you’d swear you saw a giant spider crawling on the roof of a house.

You wouldn’t be wrong. The house is covered with two giant insects – an ant and a grasshopper – and an arachnid, all realistic in blown-up scale. The spider is the creepiest, poised to snatch someone from the front yard or crawl into a window. And these aren’t Halloween decorations, they’re year-round Them! action.

We Rode a Furry Hoveround Around Metrocenter


We wanted to ride creepy animal mobility aids in a dystopian landscape. Wild safari rides or something in Metrocenter is the best place in Phoenix for that.


We paid a nice man five dollars for ten minutes of scooty freedom. We chose the pink-faced monkey and sped off. Kids called out to us as we rode by and hardened mall workers ignored us like Buckingham guards.


A lounging girl laughed at our antics. We asked if she wanted to ride the monkey and she happily hopped on our simian ride and sped off. We walked along side, shooting and laughing the whole winding way. Five stars.