2 Free Doom Releases Worth Your Money


The first free doom release worth your money is Kraken Demo by Mushrooms of Yuggoth. Hailing form the Czech Republic, Mushroom of Yuggoth’s demo is 17 minutes of droning doom with hoarse, far away vocals. Can’t wait for a full album.

The next release is stoner doom straight from Boston. Reap What You Sow by Leather Lung is distorted riff sweetness with chaotic hardcore vocals and hit-close-to-home lyrics. So good.

See Mysterious Art Saturday, Hear About the Mysteries of UFOs Sunday

Stump your community college art history teacher with an entire exhibition filled with works by unidentified artists. Mysteries from Europe: Works by Unidentified Artists opens Saturday, November 22 at the Phoenix Art Museum. Find out why such beautiful works go unattributed and enjoy the beauty “without the associated baggage that comes with artistic biographies.” Museum admission is $15, free on Wednesday nights and First Fridays, and the exhibition runs until April 19, 2015.

Sunday, November 23 at Phoenix MUFON, hear Don Schmitt’s presentation, The Road from Roswell Leads to Wright Patterson Air Force Base. Schmitt is an Area 51 and Roswell investigator, specifically leading multiple digs at the Roswell crash site. Attend Schmitt’s lecture from 2 – 5pm at the Arizona Historical Society, tickets are $15.

Check Out the Korean Version of the Avengers

White Fox

New Avenger, White Fox

Avengers: Electric Rain is Korean webcomic by creator Yeong-Hoon Goh that follows the Avengers on an adventure to South Korea to fight buildings that come to life. No shit.

If you’ve never read manhwa, or Korean comics, get a taste of them here with motion lines and Korean myth alongside the comforting familiarity of the Avengers. You’ll also get to try the new online vertical strip format called a webtoon. It’s ideal for mobile consumption and seems to keep the story moving.

Finally you’ll meet the newest Avenger, White Fox, who is moving into Marvel continuity proper soon.

Read the translated version of Avengers: Electric Rain over at Pop Mythology. It just might scratch that manga or superhero itch, or both. Black Widow’s a bit much though.