Saboten Con Anime Convention Starts Tomorrow




Saboten Con, the annual anime and cosplay convention, begins tomorrow, Friday August 29th, and runs until Monday September 1st. Events include the World Cosplay Summit Southwest Regionals, voice actor panels, gaming competitions, raves, and more. Tickets are $20 – $500(!), hours are 4 pm Friday to 5 pm Monday.

Friday: A Very Special MINIBOSSES Pre-Tour/Birthday Show

Perennial TTDPHX favorites The Minibosses will be playing a show at Lost Leaf Friday, likely their last local show before heading out on the recently announced big ol’ US tour opening for Jimmy Eat World. Word is there will be some new material comprising of a 30 minute ode to one beloved series. Want to know what? Come on out and wish a happy birthday to guitarist Cameron in what should be a packed show in a tiny space, full of nerds with craft beers in hand. Show is free and SUPPOSEDLY starts at 9 on the dot…

The Phones Have Left, You Can See The Shells

IMG_20140824_230301Ok, look, I know this sounds weird and mildly like my brain has been baking in my skull for oh, 3+ months, but I saw this ripped out payphone the other day and I got really bothered. Remember old sci-fi showing future dystopias? I feel like the disappearance of phones or the ability to call for help was a world building bit of ephemera. Now, all of the public phones are gone. Sure, most people have cell phones-devices we pay over $50 a month to mostly not make many calls- but that creates even further division. If you have no access to communication you might as well become invisible. After really looking at the scene above, I may have become mildly obsessive about finding other torn-out phone husks. Anyone got any tips?

We Went to the Raelian Topless Protest


Sweet van

We went to the GoTopless Day protest at Steele Indian School Park yesterday, not for boobs, but for weirdness. Thankfully, boobs equal news and the crack local police blotter teams turned out and brought the weirdness. It was fascinating to watch the resources and effort spent on a small protest just to say topless and show blurry skin on a newscast.


Breaking News: Short Pants Spotted in Central Phoenix

The movement itself is the weirdest part. GoTopless Day is a Raelian organized event as evidenced by the reading recommendation on the GoTopless website. Kinda dilutes the message.


Elohim like boobs

Doctor Who Season Premier in Theaters Monday, Free Territory Download Code

The Series 8 premier of Doctor Who will show in select theaters Monday, August 25th. Rumor is the premier of the 13th Doctor, Peter Capaldi, will be some dark shit. With a T.rex.

I bought two copies of Territory’s Sic Semper Tyranis and a download code came with the LP version. First reader gets it. Go here and use the code, UPYRLUU. Be ready, this album is really hard.