Conveyor Belt Sushi Coming to 16th St. and Camelback


Know that Chinese buffet that turned into a sushi… buffet, and then that turned into a Mediterranean buffet with hookahs, and then that went out of business, at 16th and Camelback? Well it’s soon to be a Sushi Station Revolving Sushi Bar. They’ve got a serious remodel coming because that building is oof. Stayed tuned to TTDPHX and the southwest corner for the opening.

Everything You’ve Heard Is Real: Chino Bandido Will Make Your Dreams Come True

IMG_20141026_111627_682-1If you’ve lived in Phoenix long enough, chances are you have heard rumblings of ‘that place that mixes Chinese and Mexican food’, that place being Chino Bandido Takee-Outee. Open for nearly 24 years in a nondescript strip mall near 19th Ave. and Greenway, this place is like something you came up with while inebriated at 3 am in high school. We finally had enough, we could no longer avoid this; truth be told we had probably been on a collision course with it since the day they opened.

IMG_20141026_112122_377OH MY WORD. It’s everything you’ve ever wanted and more. That is their Diablo chicken (basically a spicy variant of General Tso’s) inside an ultra crisp quesadilla, on a bed of black beans with pork fried rice. This one combo plate sums up the Bandido more than words could: a menu of American-style Chinese favorites, blended with the goopy, cheesy Mexican that is so prevalent here in the desert. You want a teriyaki chicken burrito? Done. How about pork carnitas with Chinese mustard and tofu fried rice? You got it. The menu is set up to mix and match however you like.

IMG_20141026_113924_593Then there was this: the ‘weekend special cookie’. I normally do not care for sweet stuff, but they threw some in and they are like heaven. See those sugar dusted domes? They hold a secret supply of gooey, soft undercooked brownie-like dough. The effect makes for a sort of handheld chocolate lava cake, but without the full liquid component. Make sure to get one if you are there on Saturday or Sunday.

IMG_20141026_111003_974So here is this painting from their condiment station, which speaks volumes. A panda using a quesadilla to eat steamed rice and refried beans. Look how content he is. Don’t you want to be that content? Yes. Yes you do.

Vampires vs. Superheroes Tonight at FilmBar, Dia de Los Muertos Festival Sunday

October’s Tokusatsu Theater is tonight, October 24, and it’s two hours of monster, vampire and superhero action with classic KAMEN RIDER, KAIKETSU ZUBAT and more. The show starts at 11:55 pm at FilmBar and tickets are $9, $12 with popcorn and a beer.

Sunday, October 26 at Margaret T. Hance park, the 3rd annual Dia de Los Muertos PHX festival celebrates the departed until sundown with Aztec dancers, mariachi and the giant feathered serpent, Quetzalcoatl. 1 pm – 6 pm, admission is free. Ride the light rail and bring cash for food and art.

Digital Rights: Wget Is Not A Crime

wget is not a crimeCombat Hacker Madness with EFF’s latest anti-technophobia sticker!

The Electronic Frontier Foundation is a non-profit organization of lawyers, engineers, and more whose mission is to defend the public’s digital rights. The EFF defends electronic privacy and access through litigation and technology, like US v. Jones – fighting against warrantless geolocation collection – and the HTTPS Everywhere browser extension – ensuring web requests are encrypted.

The EFF’s latest fund and awareness raising item is the Wget Is Not A Crime sticker. Wget is a small command line program that retrieves content from web sites. In local and federal government quests to demonize defendants, they exploit the unfamiliar and technophobic by painting the use of this common utility as a WarGames plot.

Unfortunately media outlets are oft happy to regurgitate this ‘hacker madness’ and un-educate consumers. Combat ignorance and support the EFF with a simple sticker. Because they’re fighting for your rights. For our rights.

Wget Is Not A Crime Sticker, $3

KASHYYYK Manages to Kick Ass Despite A Star Wars Reference Name

So as we here at TTDPHX have gotten busy or broke or both, this seems to be turning into a local death/doom/violence blog. Sounds fine by me. Kashyyyk is a band I just recently became aware of who border on the powerviolence/ dark hardcore fence, although if their twitter is to be trusted they are now ‘chillviolence’ which is a totally real, not made up genre. Check these sweet dudez out at one of their upcoming shows, next Saturday for the all ages fun at 51West

Gatecreeper/ Lusitania double record release. Uh, that’s two different LPs, not a double nevermind this is just confusing now

or the following weekend at Yucca for the burly old man crowd at a food bank benefit with OLD LINES from the east coast who just put out a pretty crushing LP themselves.

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