Partying with Mono Sound at La Flor de Calabaza


La Flor de Calabaza

A friend of TTDPHX invited us to La Flor de Calabaza Saturday night to hear Mono Sound, an international band who play Latin dance, pop and pop punk from Sonora to Los Angeles. La Flor is a hip, hidden bar on 1st and Pierce with strong drinks and attentive, no-nonsense staff.


Mono Sound with groupie

After a couple of Grey Goose and pineapples the lights went down and the hands went up. Mono Sound took the stage and the raw dancing fun began. Everyone was singing, jumping and cheering, filling the sparkling club with the most positive of vibes.


The dancing is on

The combination of friends, music and dancing — and a little liquor — made us feel, sure, happy, but also that Phoenix has rich international culture which we need to cherish and take advantage of because it’s a damn good time.

Check out Mono Sound on their Facebook page. La Flor de Calabaza is open for dinner and drinks Thursday through Saturday.


Love the hidden entrance



Bonus street art on the wobbly ride home

Skip the Bar and Spend $7 on Black Metal Today

YELLOW EYES is USBM from Brooklyn you must have. The droning, dirty epics of 2013’s Hammer of Night and last year’s The Desert Mourns are beyond the value of self-medication representative currency can buy. Relentless weeping guitar and violent drums meld with voices screaming insanities through dark monsoon rain. Acoustic interludes punctuate the onslaught and jar the listener into reflection. If you feel shitty, this will feel so shittier you’ll feel better. Isn’t that better than drinking $7 worth of cheap beer.


Arizona Crimes: The DUI Experience in Tent City

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An anonymous submitter writes up his experience in the Maricopa County criminal justice system as a DUI offender. Partake in his experience.

If you ever find yourself on the road after a few drinks in the state of Arizona, you are running a huge risk of being caught and charged with a DUI. Being a “no tolerance” state, Arizonans have to be especially careful when considering their transportation options after leaving the bar scene. No tolerance means the .08 rule does not apply in our state. Driving after one drink will result in heavy fines, lawyer’s fees, loss of driving privileges, hours of mandatory alcohol education classes, and a trip to an outdoor oasis fondly known as Tent City.

Now, I know many of you probably think “Oh that won’t happen to me if I drive the speed limit and concentrate on what I’m doing. I’ll be totally fine.” I was in your same position thinking that this would never happen to me. Arizona police officers will pull you over for the slightest infraction to find some way to charge you with a DUI. In fact, the next time you are pulled over, you will notice the officer will not ask you for your license and registration like in other states, but they will start off by asking you where you are coming from. The answer to this question will determine how the traffic stop will go from that point, since they are looking for any reason to charge you with this offense. If, however, you believe you are invincible (which you are not) and want to continue taking chances (which will eventually run out), here is a breakdown of what you are in for.

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